Back to School

It’s a new school year and kids of all ages are getting ready for a fresh year of learning! From kindergarten through college, students attend school to gain knowledge about a broad variety of subjects and learn new skills that will prepare them for the future. In a similar way, Woodruff Electric Cooperative Corporation is continually learning in order to advance technology that improves electric service, reliability, safety and in turn, enhances quality of life for the members we serve in our local communities.

Woodruff Electric keeps abreast of industry trends because the energy sector is rapidly changing. Innovations in technology and energy types are fueling demand for more options. On the consumer front, people are looking for more ways to manage their energy use with smart technologies. Consumers expect more convenient payment methods – whether through automatic bill pay, online or in person.

We’re working to help sit through the options for our members in ways that benefit the greater community. At the same time, we never lose sight of the top priority––providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity.

Energy for the future.
Whether it’s examining green energy options or exploring how emerging technologies can better serve our members, for Woodruff Electric our “school year” is never over. We will continue to learn from our members about their priorities for the future, and we will continue to study and research the issues so that we can better serve you, now and in the future.

It pays to be a member

Not many businesses pay you for buying something you wouldn’t want to live without—but electric cooperatives do. Unlike other types of companies, cooperatives do not have shareholders, who expect to make money from the company’s profits. Co-ops are not-for-profit businesses that exist solely to provide their members with a particular service, such as electricity. In a cooperative like Woodruff Electric, members are stakeholders. When the co-op takes in more money than is needed to run the business, the owners are entitled to a portion of those margins. It’s an example of the Cooperative Principle of Member Economic Participation. This year the Board of Directors at Woodruff Electric voted to return over 2 million dollars to members who had accounts with the cooperative in 1984, 1985 and 2018. Every year Woodruff Electric hand delivers a few checks to different members, businesses and industries.

Bettie Looney, center
Woodruff County Monitor

Lynn Kyle, center,
Woodruff County Farmer

Garrett Frost, left,
Frost Flying Service