Automatic Bank Draft

Spend more time doing the things you want to do!

Our Automatic Bank Draft service is designed for customers who would prefer to spend their time on something other than writing checks each month. When you sign up to pay your monthly electric bill automatically from your bank account, it saves you time plus it means one less check to write and keep track of each month. You’ll see your electric bill payment debited on your bank account statement each month.

After your authorization for “Automatic Bank Draft” Woodruff Electric will send you a bill each month at the regular time. On the due date of the bill, the amount of the bill will be deducted from your checking account by your bank and transferred to Woodruff Electric. If you have a question or problem with your bill you will have time to contact our office before the transaction takes place. If you decide to discontinue Automatic Bank Draft, you may do so with a simple phone call to Woodruff Electric.

Print the Automatic Bank Draft form, fill it out and mail it to your local Woodruff Electric office along with an attached voided blank check. Start enjoying the convenience today!

For more information e-mail Woodruff Electric.