Capital Credits

Electric cooperatives are nonprofit organizations owned by the members we serve. Every year, any profits from the operation of the business are credited back to our members, and are called capital credits.

We keep a record of the amount of money each customer is due. The profits are allocated back to our members based on how much energy they used in that year.

Our board of directors determines the schedule for repaying capital credits. Many times, customers have moved away from the area, and we have a difficult time locating them. It is very important for former customers to keep us informed of their current address so they will receive their checks.

June 2021 – Total Retirement    –     1986, 2020 – $2,430,473

June 2020 – Total Retirement    –   1986, 2019 – $1,642,898

June 2019 – Total Retirement      –  1984, 1985, 2018 – $2,068,574

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