2021 News Releases

February:         Announcements APSC Order No. 15

January:             Generator Safety            Home Heating Efficiency               WECC Carpenter Scholarship

2020 News Releases

December:       Pet Safety                                                     Holiday Lighting         

November:       Holiday Cooking Safety                            Tips to Prepare your Home For Winter

October:            Halloween Decoration Safety

September:       Farm Safety During Harvest

August:              Holiday Greeting Card Contest               Tips For Managing Energy Use During Covid-19

June:                  WECC Refund Mailout                                 Lineman Scholarship Winners

May:                   Scholarship Winners

April:                  Member Assistance (Covid-19)

March:                Student Deadlines Approach

February:           Lineman Scholarship                                   High School Senior Scholarship                      Youth Tour

January:             Be Prepared for Winter