Home Energy Audit

If you’re experiencing higher-than-normal electric bills, but don’t wish to complete a thorough audit of your home’s energy usage, our high bill assessment might be right for you.

Our trained energy experts will conduct a walk through of your home and identify simple things you can do to help lower your usage and your bills. This assessment takes about an hour to complete.

Using proven testing technologies, our certified energy auditors can diagnose structural deficiencies in a home or building that can lead to high energy consumption. By identifying these problem areas, you can easily make a significant difference in energy usage and costs.

High Bill Assessment

Our energy audit program is available to members at no cost. All homes are eligible for a walk-through audit, including a comprehensive inspection to check lighting, appliances, water heaters, insulation in the attic and crawl space, and air sealing measures, plus an infrared camera assessment.

We calculate the efficiency of a home by dividing the highest summer bill in the past 12 months by the square footage of the home. Homes with usage higher than $0.10 per square foot will generally have room become more energy efficient.

For more information e-mail Woodruff Electric or call (870) 633-2262 to schedule a high bill assessment.

New Home Energy Efficiency

If you are planning to build a new house, download your free booklet of “Building Guidelines for Energy Efficiency” from the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas HERE.

Energy Savings Checklist

Woodruff Electric works diligently to control the cost of electricity. We have compiled a list of energy saving tips that can help you control your cost and ultimately save on your electric bill. Be sure to encourage your neighbors to take advantage of these tips as well. Together, we can contribute to energy conservation.  Click HERE to view our energy savings tips.