Personal Information

Offering affordable and reliable power is our main priority for us at Woodruff Electric, but we don’t stop there. As we continue to grow into a society that relies more and more on technology, there are more risks to which our personal information can become exposed. This includes everything from potential scams to identity theft and cybersecurity attacks.

We want you to be aware and cautious that these kinds of threats are real as there are several ways in which you may be affected by personal information theft. At any given time, you may receive unsolicited communication from individuals claiming to be representatives of Woodruff Electric but who are, in fact, not who they claim to be.

Telephone Scams

We regularly see reports from members of individuals calling members, threatening imminent disconnection of service unless payment is made immediately. In most cases, payment is requested in cash at a third-party location. These calls are scams.

In addition, members may also receive communication from individuals who are soliciting a service, claiming to be representatives of Woodruff Electric. These calls should also be treated as scams.

What To Do If You Suspect a Scam

We will never call you with notice of service suspension or to request payment. We will also never “cold call” a member to solicit a service; we will only call a member regarding a specific service if explicitly requested.

If you ever receive communication from an individual that you believe to be falsifying information, or making odd requests, hang up immediately and contact local authorities. Please also take a moment to contact us at 1-870-633-2262 so that we may alert other members if necessary.