Uncontrolled fields burning may have unexpected results”



Uncontrolled Burning Results In:

Structure loss
Arcing from Conductor to Conductor — extreme heat causes air surrounding high voltage lines to lose insulation values, allowing electricity to flash or arc between conductors and interrupt service to local and/or regional areas.

Power Interruptions Affect:

911 Services
Public Water Wells
Nursing Homes
Water Treatment Plants
Police Services
Fire Department
Critical Care Units

Hospitals & Operating Rooms
Loss of power to Life Support Equipment
Loss of power to Medical Equipment
Industrial Production
Inventory Reduction and Lost Wages
Damaged Equipment or Products
Possible Legal Liability 


Prepare for Safe & Controlled Burning:

Temperatures less than 90° F
Relative humidity greater than 30%
Surface wind 3- 5 MPH (max- gusting to 10 MPH)

Burning Near Power Lines:

Firebreaks and Tillage –  60 feet from center-line on wooden structures
Backfires –  Reduce heat emission near power lines and protect structures

Did you know? The cost to replace a wooden pole averages $2,700. Woodruff Electric is a not-for- profit organization, owned and operated by its members.  Therefore, every time a pole is burned, that costs – YOU…  the member!